What is a Primary Survey

The Primary Survey is the initial patient assessment, intended to rapidly and systematically identify and treat any immediately life-threatening problems. It follows the ABC format familiar from other courses, but extends this into more detail. Assessment and treatment proceed simultaneously – as a problem is identified,appropriate action should be taken before moving on ...

What is a Mental Health

Concepts of mental health include subjective well-being, perceived self-efficacy, autonomy, competence, intergenerational dependence and recognition of the ability to realize one’s intellectual and emotional potential. It has also been defined as a state of well-being whereby individuals recognize their abilities, are able to cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, ...

23 April 2010

Staying in the Red Zone

Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) closed the trading in the red zone last weekend, after the afternoon session experienced selling pressure on stocks of excellence. Closure Composite Index at the end of this week driven by market sentiment in Asia is also a red zone.
Almost all seed stocks experienced selling pressure from investors who decided to take profit-taking (profit taking). Only the shares of Astra International (ASII) still remained in the green zone.
Strong enough action happening on the sale of stock trading sentiment this weekend following the Asian regional bourses are also all experiencing a correction in today’s trading.
At the close of trading Friday (04/23/2010), Jakarta Composite Index closed down 1.8 points (0.06%) to the level of 2924.731. LQ 45 Index also fell 0.7 points (0.14%) to a level of 567.98.
Quite a busy trade with the frequency of transactions across the market to reach 96 675 times the volume of 4.645 billion shares worth Rp 3.206 trillion. A total of 86 shares rose, 108 stocks fell and 75 shares remain stagnant.
Asian bourses almost entirely through a correction. Only the Strait Times index who successfully turned into a positive direction.

  • Shanghai Index fell 15.95 points (0.53%) to a level of 2983.54.
  • Hang Seng Index fell 210.45 points (0.98%) to the level of 21244.49.
  • Nikkei-225 index fell 34.63 points (0.32%) to the level of 10914.46.
  • Straits Times Index rose 2.41 points (0.08%) to 2983.1.
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Win a Low Auto Loan Interest Rate

A Tactic to Get A Low Rate
This is a well-known fact that a superior credit score can always help you manage a low interest rate car loans. But, what if you have no credit at all? You get a loan according to your choice? Sure you can. Just follow a few strategies:

  • The best way to find low rates is to compare the prices offered by many online lenders. Take your time and look for auto loan interest rate that best suits your ability. This course can help you find the provider of your choice in a very short time.
  • If you have a co-borrower with excellent credit history, financer can lend based on credit value. This will also help you to get a low level.
  • It’s okay if you do not have a record of past credit. In fact, your property, income, and status have no debt, all the positive points. All these factors can help you to make good credit scores and can easily fulfill your requirements for lower levels. A loan with low interest rates can help you to pay on time and eventually built a handsome credit. In the future, in an emergency situation, you can easily apply and get a car title loan cash.
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19 April 2010

Yamaha BW 125 scooter British Sign

Yamaha principal parties announced that the bike would land in England, the end of this April. Motor city commuter machine is equipped with a capacity of 124 cc, 4-stroke, with electronic fuel injection systems and engine cooled. Injection system was able to reduce emissions and efficient in terms of fuel usage.
“Big, wide, and both wheels wearing 12-inch sizes. This ensures comfort on the highway, even run over gravel or when traction is reduced slightly. Stability is good, good traction and comfortable ride make this scooter easy to maneuver,” so the statement from Yamaha Japan. BW 125 is very comfortable to wear tandem.
It was designed for the future, has a redesigned instrument panel, and trunk to put the helmet. BW 125 is marketed in combination with black and metallic white color. Want to know the price? To the British, BW 2499 dibenderol £ 125 or USD 34.4 million and already include tax. it will not drain your pockets finance.:)
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