What is a Primary Survey

The Primary Survey is the initial patient assessment, intended to rapidly and systematically identify and treat any immediately life-threatening problems. It follows the ABC format familiar from other courses, but extends this into more detail. Assessment and treatment proceed simultaneously – as a problem is identified,appropriate action should be taken before moving on ...

What is a Mental Health

Concepts of mental health include subjective well-being, perceived self-efficacy, autonomy, competence, intergenerational dependence and recognition of the ability to realize one’s intellectual and emotional potential. It has also been defined as a state of well-being whereby individuals recognize their abilities, are able to cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, ...

04 August 2010

Mistery of Candi Bawah Laut

Misteri Candi Bawah Laut | The Underwater temple mistery. Throughout the day appeared splashy underwater temple (Candi Bawah Laut) discovery which mentioned lies between the Sea of Java and Bali. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has promised to deploy a team to check whether this news was true or not.

However, the mystery of the underwater temple (Candi Bawah Laut) has now been resolved. The temple was indeed exist, precisely in the area of Pemuteran, North Bali. In fact, the temple is not an archaeological, but the temple was intentionally constructed on an artificial reef conservation area.

It was said by Paul M Turley, the owner of Sea Rover Dive Center who took the controversial photos. The artificial temple named Taman Purba was built starting in 2005 at a depth of 15-29 meters.

Regions are part of coral reef conservation projects 'Reef Gardiners' which got financial support from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid). There are 10 sculptures and a temple structure which is now covered with coral.
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22 July 2010

Camaro, the amazing design car

Transformers movie fans interested in the Bumblebee Camaro is now possible to have it. Beginning last August, Chevrolet (Chevy designation for Chevrolet by fans) introduced the Special Edition Transformers Camaro in 2010 at ComicCon, San Diego. It must be recognized, the Camaro has the impression of dynamic design and macho. Incredibly, I really want it. Design new Camaro could join forces with elements of the history of this car full of art and modern fashion. By the moment of the turn of the year, top-class car manufacturer, Chevrolet, again strikes the automotive world with the release of the newest sports car variant. Namely, the Chevrolet Camaro RS 2010. Car subsidiary of General Motors (GM) is expected to become the successor of the exclusive sports car and teasing.

2010 Chevy Camaro RS design is challenging and modern. The designer, Luciano Nakamura, got many reference designs from classic 1967 Camaro. Classic modern touch combined artistically integrated into futuristic and luxurious car.

The combination of modern and classic designs we see on the front end. Chevrolet Camaro RS 2010 has a big front bumper. View it gives the impression "grinned." The rear panel was given an additional four lights combined.

Luxurious feel of a minimalist interior. The black color decorates the surface of the dashboard and seats. Views sides adopted a form of steering device decorated with classic-modern device that displays the transmission system, temperature, and voltmeter. High-performance Camaro engine bearing capacity 2.6 Liter, V8, and equipped with a manual gearbox and gears with six levels of speed. Using manual gearbox bearing the LS3 engine that produces maximum power of 426 HP and maximum torque of 569 Nm.
For the performance, in my opinion is Camaro the king of Street. But if you look at the standard design, very minimalist. Still less if you are lovers of the exterior and interior modifications. You will immediately add the Chevy Camaro Accessories. I too would soon add accessories, especially the grille and body kit. Your Camaro will increasingly look amazing.
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17 July 2010

Dream try to convey physical health & emotional for your

"Dreams will give you a clear picture because dreams come from within. When you look at the symbols and the particular action in a dream, it may be a sign there is something wrong with your mind or your body. If you want to remember the dream, write or say immediately ASAP (as soon as possible) to someone as soon as you wake up. If not, the dream will be gone by breakfast, " Certified dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg said.
You have dreams. Not only is a simple to dream again depicted, but it felt empty and so many shapes random in every scene that you've probably never even seen before. Could there be a bad health that tried to signal delivered through our dream?
Is your home a real or a dream home, it describes the state of your mind and body. Dreams are what's on your mind. House fire is a sign you are very stressed. "It's interesting because so many women tell me that they have this dream," said Loewenberg.
A car represents progress and your ability to move forward in different areas of your life. The most common dream is that you drive a car and then suddenly die. "This could indicate that you drink (alcohol) too much and need to put the brakes on this behavior because you have the wrong path," said Loewenberg.

This dream is telling you that you have a great responsibility and you're really cramped by it. "Water represents emotion, so every time you threaten water in a dream, let's say a tidal wave, this is a sign of emotion you are feeling," said Loewenberg.

Does your blood or blood of others, this describes your emotional and physical energy. The presence of blood in the dream is also a sign that you involve yourself too much of something-might-work and energy is not being restored or recharged.

If you're prone to depression, dreams of falling can be a warning that you're slipping back in that condition. Is falling down the stairs when or from a building, it signifies that something in your life moving in the wrong direction, could be about money, relationships, or other areas of your life.

"Most likely you will not be depressed, but the dream is a sign that you are on the verge of depression and must take action to prevent it," said Loewenberg.
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26 June 2010


Herbalife is a company created to sell weight loss, nutrition and skin care products. They also as a provider of retail websites to Herbalife distributor in USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

This site also offers a shopping cart system that allows distributors to offer their most popular products, and allows prospective buyers to find them thanks to the placement of the Herbal Nutrition Network.

Eminent feature of the herbal nutrition is your retail Web site can be online in about 10 minutes, Accept credit card without merchant account through PayPal or Propay, features not available on Bizworks or anywhere else, for more details you can see in herbal nutrition.

Choice of retail solutions from several of the most successful distributors in the business fell on Herbalife, so what are you waiting? immediately joined with herbal life.
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23 April 2010

Staying in the Red Zone

Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) closed the trading in the red zone last weekend, after the afternoon session experienced selling pressure on stocks of excellence. Closure Composite Index at the end of this week driven by market sentiment in Asia is also a red zone.
Almost all seed stocks experienced selling pressure from investors who decided to take profit-taking (profit taking). Only the shares of Astra International (ASII) still remained in the green zone.
Strong enough action happening on the sale of stock trading sentiment this weekend following the Asian regional bourses are also all experiencing a correction in today’s trading.
At the close of trading Friday (04/23/2010), Jakarta Composite Index closed down 1.8 points (0.06%) to the level of 2924.731. LQ 45 Index also fell 0.7 points (0.14%) to a level of 567.98.
Quite a busy trade with the frequency of transactions across the market to reach 96 675 times the volume of 4.645 billion shares worth Rp 3.206 trillion. A total of 86 shares rose, 108 stocks fell and 75 shares remain stagnant.
Asian bourses almost entirely through a correction. Only the Strait Times index who successfully turned into a positive direction.

  • Shanghai Index fell 15.95 points (0.53%) to a level of 2983.54.
  • Hang Seng Index fell 210.45 points (0.98%) to the level of 21244.49.
  • Nikkei-225 index fell 34.63 points (0.32%) to the level of 10914.46.
  • Straits Times Index rose 2.41 points (0.08%) to 2983.1.
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Win a Low Auto Loan Interest Rate

A Tactic to Get A Low Rate
This is a well-known fact that a superior credit score can always help you manage a low interest rate car loans. But, what if you have no credit at all? You get a loan according to your choice? Sure you can. Just follow a few strategies:

  • The best way to find low rates is to compare the prices offered by many online lenders. Take your time and look for auto loan interest rate that best suits your ability. This course can help you find the provider of your choice in a very short time.
  • If you have a co-borrower with excellent credit history, financer can lend based on credit value. This will also help you to get a low level.
  • It’s okay if you do not have a record of past credit. In fact, your property, income, and status have no debt, all the positive points. All these factors can help you to make good credit scores and can easily fulfill your requirements for lower levels. A loan with low interest rates can help you to pay on time and eventually built a handsome credit. In the future, in an emergency situation, you can easily apply and get a car title loan cash.
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19 April 2010

Yamaha BW 125 scooter British Sign

Yamaha principal parties announced that the bike would land in England, the end of this April. Motor city commuter machine is equipped with a capacity of 124 cc, 4-stroke, with electronic fuel injection systems and engine cooled. Injection system was able to reduce emissions and efficient in terms of fuel usage.
“Big, wide, and both wheels wearing 12-inch sizes. This ensures comfort on the highway, even run over gravel or when traction is reduced slightly. Stability is good, good traction and comfortable ride make this scooter easy to maneuver,” so the statement from Yamaha Japan. BW 125 is very comfortable to wear tandem.
It was designed for the future, has a redesigned instrument panel, and trunk to put the helmet. BW 125 is marketed in combination with black and metallic white color. Want to know the price? To the British, BW 2499 dibenderol £ 125 or USD 34.4 million and already include tax. it will not drain your pockets finance.:)
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14 February 2010

First aid on Fractures

As I promised earlier while writing tips. In this article, I wrote tips on how to help someone who had broken bones. You can read about some important things when giving aid. People who fracture should be immediately taken to hospitals, health centers, clinics, doctors, specialist’s broken bone or other health centers in order to be given intensive treatment for a broken bone can gradually recover. So, you must be careful when giving aid.
  • Closed fracture
Closed fracture is a broken bone in cases where broken bones do not hurt / ripped flesh and skin that is nearby. These fractures can be open if the fracture is more severe and piercing the flesh / skin that causes injury.
  1. Lay the victim. Recommend that not too many moves.
  2. Buffer pairs immediately to the affected part so as not to aggravate the injury by using spalk / splint, cane, wood, fiber broom, and other strong and light strongly tied or bandaged but not a bond or a bandage on the affected part.
  • Open fracture
Open fracture is a fracture cases where broken bones to make meat and the skin around the broken bone to tear injured. These fractures have to be really vigilant. Risk of infection due to injury and also we can catch the disease from those who bleed if not careful.
  1. Lay the victim. Recommend that not too many moves.
  2. If the blood is still flowing to stop the bleeding by pressing and binding the wound with a clean cloth.
  3. Buffer pairs immediately to broken bones broken bones broken do not get better by using spalk / splint, cane, wood, fiber broom, antenna mast, etc. and a strong light tied or wrapped with a strong but did not make bond or a bandage on a broken or injury.
  • Spinal fracture
Under conditions vertebral fractures or spinal cord of the patient will feel pain in the back or neck. If so it will not cause a lot of movement on the victims in order not to damage the spinal cord that can cause permanent paralysis. We recommend that you wait for an ambulance or medical personnel to treat the victims suffered more.

  1. Do not make the patient a lot of moving. Move, lifted his head, standing, sitting, etc... If the victim is not pressing vertebral fractures should not be moved from their place and keep his head straight up.
  2. Warm the vertebral fracture patients in a blanket.
  3. Use a litter with strong and hard materials such as boards, tables, etc. at least two people to lift the victim to be stable.
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11 February 2010

Basic First Aid Tips

Emergency response is very important to us, at least we know the basics to help. When you have a small accident at work, home, or on vacation with your family, what are you doing? If you read the basic first aid tips below, you will know what you should do for yourself or someone else.
Diarrhea – Try Kaopectate or Immodium—follow directions on label. Stay on liquid diet until condition improves. If tolerated, work up to a bland diet (avoid fried foods, fats and roughage) over the next 24 hours, and then go back to normal diet.
Rash/Poison Ivy - Wash area with antibacterial soap. Try not to scratch. Apply antihistamine cream or hydrocortisone cream to rash. Wash hands after applying. Take Benedryl by mouth to relieve itching. If not improved in 24 hours, seek referral for medical treatment.
Burns - Treat minor burns with cool water or cool compress. If there is blistering, seek referral for evaluation of injury. Antiseptic sprays containing Benzocaine may provide temporary relief. For large burns, go to emergency facility.
Bug Bites/Stings - Apply ice immediately. Remove stinger if visible. Apply antihistamine cream to site. Take 25 mg Benedryl by mouth. Elevate if sting is on leg or arm. Go to emergency facility for breathing difficulty or extreme swelling.
Bleeding - Apply direct pressure with towel or gauze until bleeding is stopped. Clean minor cuts with Hydrogen Peroxide. Apply antibiotic ointment and band-aid.
Sprains - Apply ice immediately to swelling, and off and on for next 48 hours. Seek referral for evaluation of injury. Ibuprofen may relieve pain and inflammation. Elevate extremities where swelling is present. Compression with elastic bandage may be helpful.
Colds/Congestion/Sore Throat – Increase cold fluid consumption. Take decongestant product for congestion according to label. Use throat lozenges if needed according to directions on label. Take Tylenol for headache, fever, or pain. Seek medical referral if symptoms do not improve in 48-72 hours or if fever over 102 degrees F, stiff neck or repeated vomiting occur.
Vomiting – Take small sips of ginger ale, weak tea, Sprite, or ice chips every 5-10 minutes. Emetrol liquid may ease nausea—take as directed on label. Once liquids are tolerated without vomiting, try crackers, toast, bananas, applesauce, rice or clear soups for the next 24 hours. If tolerated, work up to a bland diet (no fried foods, fatty foods or roughage) and then back to a normal diet. If vomiting is persistent or accompanied by a fever over 102 degrees F or stiff neck, go to emergency room.

 The next tips 'first aid on fractures!!'
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07 February 2010

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01 February 2010

how to know hyperactivity disorder

Whether your child has difficulty in fully focused on something, hyperactivity (activity cannot be controlled like running, do not sit still, shouting, lots of talking), or impulsive behavior (not to delay responses). Beware! Your child may have ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder) are often also called hyperactivity disorder.
The third additions to the above symptoms, to be given a diagnosis of hyperactivity are still a few other conditions. Disruption the already settled at least 6 months, and occurred before the 7-year-old. These symptoms appear in at least 2 situations, such as at home and at school.
Problems commonly experienced by children hyperactive:

  • In school

Found that, many hyperactive children have difficulty reading, writing, language, and mathematics. Especially for writing, hyperactive children have fine motor skills that are generally not as good as regular kid. Children are not able to follow the lessons delivered by teachers well. Easily disturbed concentration makes the child cannot absorb the lesson material as a whole.

  • At home

Compared with other children, hyperactive children are more susceptible to anxiety and despair. In addition, he easily had psychosomatic disorders (health problems caused by psychological factors) such as headaches and abdominal pain. This is related to the low tolerance for frustration, so when experiencing disappointment, he was easy emotionally. In addition hyperactive children tend to be stubborn and easily angered when his wish was not immediately fulfilled. Constraint makes children less able to adjust to the environment. The children are considered naughty and often experience rejection from family and friends. Because often creates resentment, parents often treat children as less warm. Parents control the child and many, management oversight, much criticized, and even punishment. Children refuse and rebel reaction. The result is a tension between parents and children. The children and parents become stressed, and the situation becomes less comfortable at home. As a result children become more easily frustrated. Failure socialize everywhere foster a negative self concept. The children will feel that they are bad, always failing, inadequate, and rejected.

  • Problems talking

Hyperactive child usually likes to talk. He's a lot of talk, but actually less efficient in communicating. Concentration disturbance makes him difficult to perform mutual communication. Hyperactive child tends to busy with them and less able to respond to the other person exactly.

  • Physical problems

In general, hyperactive children have high levels of physical health is not as good as other kids. Some disorders such as asthma, allergies, and throat infections are common. During sleep are also not as quiet as other children. Many hyperactive children are difficult to sleep and frequent waking at night. In addition, the high level of physical activity children are also at high risk for accidents such as falls sprains, and so on.

Here are the factors that cause hyperactivity in children:

  • Neurologic factors

The incidence of higher hyperactivity found in children born with prenatal problems such as length of labor, fetal distress, delivery by forceps extraction, or toxemia gravidarum eklampsia compared to normal pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, factors such as babies born with low weight, mothers who are too young, mothers who smoked and drank alcohol also raises the incidence hyperactive
The occurrence of slow brain development. Etiologic factor in neurologic hitherto prevalent for many is the dysfunction of one neurotransmitter in the brain called dopamine. Dopamine is an active substance that is useful to maintain the concentration
Some studies indicate the occurrence of disturbances of blood perfusion in certain areas in hyperactive children, namely in the striatum, the orbital-prefrontal regions, the orbital-limbic regions of the brain, especially the right hand side.

  • Toxic factor

Some food substances such as salicylates and preservatives have the potential to form a hyperactive behavior in children. In addition, levels of lead (lead) in blood serum increased children, mothers who smoke and consume alcohol, exposed to X-rays during pregnancy can also give birth candidate hyperactive children.

  • Genetic factors

Obtained a high correlation of hyperactivity that occurs in families with hyperactive children. Approximately 25-35% of the parents and relatives of childhood hyperactivity in children will decrease. This is also seen in twins.

  • Psychosocial and environmental factors

in hyperactive children are often found in relationships that are considered wrong between parents with children.

Here are some ways that can be done by parents to educate and guide their children are classified as hyperactive

Parents need to increase knowledge about the hyperactivity disorder:
  • Know your child's strengths and talents
  • Helping children in social
  • Using the techniques of behavior management, such as using positive reinforcement (such as giving praise when children eat in order), provide consistent discipline, and always monitor children's behavior
  • Provide adequate space for children activities to channel the excess energy
  • Accepting the limitations children
  • Generating a child's confidence
  • And working together with teachers in schools so that teachers understand the actual condition of the child
To be a concern for parents that know the behavior of children from an early age is the process of loving them, you are a parent who is responsible for their children.
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29 January 2010

Examination of Asthma

You may have read about the articles related to emergency airway in this blog. You want better know about it, the article below is about asthma. Of course you already know about this disease. Please reads....
Asthma is also called reactive airway disease (RAD) is a disease of the airway obstruction is characterized by reversible bronchospasme, inflammation and increased airway reaction to various stimuli

Asthma is divided into:
  • Allergic asthma; caused by allergies such as pollen, animal, angry, food, and mushrooms.
  • Asthma idiopathic or non-allergic; such as colds, respiratory infections, exercise, emotions, and environmental pollutants can cause an attack, pharmacological agents: agent’s aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs, hair dyes, beta-adrenergic antagonists, and agent’s sulfite.
  • Asthma combined; a form of asthma is the most common. It is characterized by allergic asthma and idiopathic nonalergic.
  • Levels of asthma
  1. Level I, clinically normal, no abnormalities of physical examination and lung function. But the patients experienced problems when their bodies are experiencing physical or emotional weakness
  2. Level II. Patients without complaints and abnormalities on physical examination. Showed lung function and airway obstruction often found after recovering from asthma
  3. Level III. In patients with no complaints but the physical examination and pulmonary function abnormalities that indicate airway obstruction, usually patients who had recovered from asthma but did not seek treatment on a regular basis
  4. Level IV. Patients with shortness of breath, the breath sounds on physical examination and airway obstruction
  5. Level V. Patients with status asthmatics where circumstances severe asthma and needed medical help emergency.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Asthma
  1. Wheezing (sound like squeaks during breathing)
  2. Dispend with expiratory time; use of accessory respiratory muscles extra nose, pulling his chest, and Strider.
  3. Dry cough (not productive) because of thick secretions and airway lumen.
  4. Tachipnoe, ortopnea
  5. Restless
  6. Diaphoreses
  7. Abdominal pain due to involvement of the abdominal muscles on respiratory
  8. Fatigue
  9. Not tolerant of activities, eating, playing, walking and even talking.
  10. Anxiety, labile, and changes in level of consciousness
  11. Increasing Anteroposterior diameter (barrel chest)
  12. Sudden attack or gradual

  • Causes of Asthma:
  • Intrinsic Factor
  1. Infection: the influenza virus, pneumonia.
  2. Physical: cold weather, changes in temperature, chemical irritants, air pollution (CO, smoke and perfume)
  3. Emotional: fear, anxiety, and tension
  4. Excessive activity
  • Extrinsic factor
  1. Antigen and antibody reaction, due to inhalation allergen (dust, pollen, dust, animal fur).

  • Examination of Asthma

  1. X-ray; during an acute episode of chest x-ray may show hyperinflation diaphragm.
  2. Examination of lung function, can be found decreased tidal volume, vital capacity, increased eosinophils in the blood or sputum
  3. Examination allergies; test (+) that causes skin blisters and a big reaction that can identify the specific allergen.
  4. Pulse Oximetry; found in the peripheral O2 saturation decreased (Cyanosis)
  5. Blood gas analysis; indicates hypoxia during the acute attack, there was initially hipokapnea and respiratory alkalosis, low Pco2.

  • Help
  • Acute attacks with a nasal or face mask oxygen.
  • Parenteral fluid therapy
  • Appropriate medication therapy program: Agonists beta-adrenergic receptors, the best treatment for the treatment of asthma and prevent asthma attacks may be triggered by exercise. Bronkodilatator; stimulate airway dilation by beta-adrenergic receptors. (Terbutalin, Salbutamol, Fenetotol, Theophylline). Corticosteroid; inflames blocking response and very effective in reducing asthma symptoms. If used in the long run, will lead to a gradual reduction in the trend of asthma attacks by reducing airway sensitivity to some stimuli. Ant cholinergic drugs work blocking smooth muscle contraction and the formation of excessive mucus in bronchus acetylcholine.
  • Nebulizer therapy in severe acute attacks of asthma, drug can be given a form adrenergic agents epinephrine, albuterol, metaproterenol, isopoterenol and terbutalin.
Crompton. G. (1980) "Diagnosis and Management of Respiratory Disease". Blacwell Scientific Publication.
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16 January 2010

Big Ass, Big Thighs!!

big is beautiful
For women, having a large body might make you less confident. However, don't be discouraged! Because according a study in the UK, hips, buttocks and thighs were big, useful for heart health. As reported by the BBC, according to team researchers from the British, the fat in the hips contain anti-inflammatory agents (anti-inflammatory natural) that can stop the blockage of arteries. While fat on the butt better than the piles of fat around the waist.
"Fat around the hips and thighs good for someone. But if in the abdomen, to be a bad thing. The more fat around the thighs, the better, as long as your abdomen stays slim, "explained lead researcher Dr. Konstantinos Manolopoulos from Oxford University. The study, written in the International Journal of Obesity reveals that having too little fat in the hips can cause serious metabolic problems such as Cushing's syndrome. This syndrome occurs due to the adrenal glands produce excessive corticosteroid.
Other evidence shows that fat around the thighs and ass is more difficult to lose than fat around the waist. This is actually beneficial, because the more fat burning, the more cytokines are also missing. These cytokines are usually associated with cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and diabetes. Not only that, the slower fat-burning process on hips, then the hormone production becomes more adinopektin. Adinopektin hormones can protect arteries and improve blood sugar control and better fat-burning process. Whereas if the carry excess fat around the abdomen (such as an apple body shape) can increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Fotini Rozakeas from British Heart Foundation, this research reveals may help better understand how of the best distribution of body fat in order to prevent someone from heart disease or diseases related to blood circulation. So, avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdomen with the right diet and is recommended by health experts is the perfect solution!
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12 January 2010

Time to cut down on sleeping pills

insomnia solution

The health story that had everyone's attention at the beginning of the year was the threat of swine flu. We all watched as the threat level inched up to pandemic. Yet, although millions of people have caught this flu, only a few tens of thousand have died. But there is still interesting news about the pattern of deaths. The people most likely to die are young and, almost without exception, they are obese. Frankly, if you carry excess weight, this flu is a killer, which raises a more general question for you to chew on. No matter what you might choose to believe, the majority of people are overweight because of their lifestyles. They eat too much and exercise too little. So, the US is a country where individual liberty is the most important quality of life. It's up to every one of us to take personal responsibility for what we do and the consequences of those actions. So what personal responsibility should we take for our own health? Further, if we are against big government, should people who do not take care of their health just be allowed to die if they do not have enough money to pay for health insurance?

The latest statistics show that, as a nation, we spend about 16% of the gross domestic product on health care. This includes the cost of medications and is double the average in countries around the world. But we are not a healthy nation. Counting the number of prescriptions fulfilled through real world pharmacies, we consume more sleeping pills and antidepressants per head of population than any other nation. That's before we start guessing how many drugs are purchased on the internet. We are seriously overmedicated. The results are easy to see. Many drugs cause insomnia as an unintended side effect. So we all walk around like zombies and beg our doctors for relief. So now comes the difficult decision. Do you reduce the dosages of the drugs you are taking, or add ambien to the mixture to offset the side effects? The rational answer is to do without the first drug altogether. If it is interfering with your sleep and making you feel worse, you should stop taking it. Adding a second drug to balance out the side effects of the first is more expensive and potentially going to make you dependent on one or both drugs.

When there is very clear scientific evidence showing meditation and relaxation techniques as a completely effective treatment for insomnia, there should never be a need to take sleeping pills. People should go through the simple training program and emerge better able to control their sleep patterns. As a result, their general health will improve. But, as with everything, there are problems. The marketers have managed to convince the majority of us that drugs are the best form of treatment. We are taught to dismiss psychology as a waste of time. Worse, private health insurance often will not pay for the training sessions. At a time of recession, this leaves many with no choice. There is only enough to buy ambien and not enough to pay for training in something we do not trust.

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Rabbits today, men tomorrow


There's a standard joke (except among the farmers of produce) that, among all animals, the rabbits are the most enthusiastic of lovers and, with no natural predators to keep down their numbers, they are likely to take over the world (and eat all the produce) through their breeding power. It is therefore somewhat ironic to read of research work carried out in the Institute of Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University in New Carolina. Researchers have been practising their techniques to rebuild the muscle walls in the penis of rabbits. Instead of leaving the males to suffer from erectile dysfunction, surgeons have been trying to keep up their breeding reputation. So let's bring this back to Earth. With today's technology, if a human male has a serious accident, goes through surgery, say to remove a prostate cancer, or catches the wrong disease, and the penis is damaged, it cannot be repaired. The penis is actually a complicated piece of kit involving sponge-like tissue designed to soak up blood and a complicated system of arteries and veins to carry blood into and out of the penis. There are no quick fixes.

Now, thanks to the rabbit, there's hope for men with serious damage to their penis. The research is concentrating on growing new tissue in the laboratory. This starts with the collection of endothelial cells and cells from the smooth muscle walls of the penis. These cells are then used to coat a scaffold and allowed to grow. It takes several months but, when complete, the scaffold holds blood vessels and muscles matching those in the penis of the donor. Then it's just a matter of surgery to implant the scaffold to replace the damaged arteries. Once the surgery is complete and the rabbits recover, they have been able to achieve an erection and penetration 85% of the time. To go from complete impotence to such high levels of success is encouraging for men.

The technology for growing implants in the laboratory is increasingly common for human transplant purposes. Indeed, the same team has been growing bladders for implantation into humans for the last year or so. Applying the same technology to erectile dysfunction offers a remarkable opportunity. No matter how good a drug such as cialis, it cannot rebuild damaged muscles or replace lost nerve endings. Seeding the cell culture on the scaffold with the cells taken directly from the penis of the man awaiting surgery gives the maximum compatibility between the finished artificial organ and the donor. There is little likelihood of rejection. If the same success rate of 85% was experienced by men following surgery, this would be a remarkable recovery of a lost function. As it stands, many men postpone surgery for the removal of growths in the prostate because they fear the common consequences of impotence. Should this technique be proven, it would encourage men to have life-saving surgery earlier. Until the FDA formally approves the process, this will remain a distant prospect. But there is hope for men of all ages who suffer injuries. If the team gets a license, such men may be able to enjoy a sex life again. Until then, the most they can expect is that they buy cialis and it works some of the time to produce an erection often less than complete hard.

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04 January 2010

World Health Crimes

malpractiseIn a health world, comfort and safety for patients is a priority. Health workers are required to provide good service to their patients. Not just for profit with expensive fees charged, and we know that treatment is not cheap. There is a principle that 'health is expensive'. Yes, it's true. But how do we as consumers or patients avoid bad practice commonly known as malpractice? What is clear, the patient must be active. This is also to get of the rights they have when facing a doctor. What can a patient? The advice of dr. Bahar Azwar, Sp.B.Onk. :
  • Do not accept it raw what the doctor said. If something you do not understand, immediately ask. By asking, at least you'll know why doctor tell about your disease.
  • Do not assume your doctor knows all things. If the doctor looked in doubt as to diagnose your illness, immediately ask him!
  • You try to understand the legal and ethical issues governing the rights and obligations of patients and physicians. Materials that you can get from anywhere, like books, magazines, television, and others.
  • Find out all about doctors and treatments offered. Thus, you will not be harmed by a doctor services. Or at least, if they feel disadvantaged, you can demand better service.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for a second opinion, whether it's doctor or traditional healer. If in doubt, switch doctors also allowed as long as you know what you are doing.
Behind the guarantee of medical services offered, there are also bad people who want to achieve maximum profit. By way of creating a virus or disease, then they sell the vaccine at a great price. With the health needs of all people, such activities can provide a significant advantage. We were not able to avoid it. Only for money they do everything, including killing each other, but is not there another way to not create a plague to gain? What do you think about this?
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