14 February 2010

First aid on Fractures

As I promised earlier while writing tips. In this article, I wrote tips on how to help someone who had broken bones. You can read about some important things when giving aid. People who fracture should be immediately taken to hospitals, health centers, clinics, doctors, specialist’s broken bone or other health centers in order to be given intensive treatment for a broken bone can gradually recover. So, you must be careful when giving aid.
  • Closed fracture
Closed fracture is a broken bone in cases where broken bones do not hurt / ripped flesh and skin that is nearby. These fractures can be open if the fracture is more severe and piercing the flesh / skin that causes injury.
  1. Lay the victim. Recommend that not too many moves.
  2. Buffer pairs immediately to the affected part so as not to aggravate the injury by using spalk / splint, cane, wood, fiber broom, and other strong and light strongly tied or bandaged but not a bond or a bandage on the affected part.
  • Open fracture
Open fracture is a fracture cases where broken bones to make meat and the skin around the broken bone to tear injured. These fractures have to be really vigilant. Risk of infection due to injury and also we can catch the disease from those who bleed if not careful.
  1. Lay the victim. Recommend that not too many moves.
  2. If the blood is still flowing to stop the bleeding by pressing and binding the wound with a clean cloth.
  3. Buffer pairs immediately to broken bones broken bones broken do not get better by using spalk / splint, cane, wood, fiber broom, antenna mast, etc. and a strong light tied or wrapped with a strong but did not make bond or a bandage on a broken or injury.
  • Spinal fracture
Under conditions vertebral fractures or spinal cord of the patient will feel pain in the back or neck. If so it will not cause a lot of movement on the victims in order not to damage the spinal cord that can cause permanent paralysis. We recommend that you wait for an ambulance or medical personnel to treat the victims suffered more.

  1. Do not make the patient a lot of moving. Move, lifted his head, standing, sitting, etc... If the victim is not pressing vertebral fractures should not be moved from their place and keep his head straight up.
  2. Warm the vertebral fracture patients in a blanket.
  3. Use a litter with strong and hard materials such as boards, tables, etc. at least two people to lift the victim to be stable.


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