What is a Primary Survey

The Primary Survey is the initial patient assessment, intended to rapidly and systematically identify and treat any immediately life-threatening problems. It follows the ABC format familiar from other courses, but extends this into more detail. Assessment and treatment proceed simultaneously – as a problem is identified,appropriate action should be taken before moving on ...

What is a Mental Health

Concepts of mental health include subjective well-being, perceived self-efficacy, autonomy, competence, intergenerational dependence and recognition of the ability to realize one’s intellectual and emotional potential. It has also been defined as a state of well-being whereby individuals recognize their abilities, are able to cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, ...

29 October 2011

Healthy House Requirements

There are several requirements that must be met for a healthy home. Healthy house is a house that has some support facilities and are able to reduce the risk of contracting the disease. Is simple in building a healthy occupancy, only to separate some room for daily activities. To better understand please read the requirements of a healthy house below:

Currently, there are different types of flooring. Is pressed cement or tile flooring, ceramic, or soil only. Prerequisite not dusty in the dry season and muddy in the rainy season. And the Word was humid and dusty nest of the disease.
Must have a roof be able to protect from sun and rain. Roof tiles are common in urban and rural areas. Currently, the products are displayed roofing able to maintain the temperature of the room to the main tasks for protection from sun and rain.
Ventilation is beneficial to maintain the flow of air inside the house to keep to keep fresh and to maintain a balance between the O2 required by the occupants of the house. And the lack of ventilation causes a lack of O2 in the home, which means that the levels of CO2 that is toxic for the population will increase. In addition, it will cause insufficient ventilation, moisture in the room so that the bacteria can multiply easily.

Home lighting
Healthy home requires proper lighting, not less, not more than necessary. The absence of light into the room of the house, and is especially convenient in addition to sunlight, is also a good way or a place to live and development of bacteria such as Bacillus tuberculosis. On the contrary, a lot of light in the house cause glare may hurt at the end of the day, and eyes. At least 15-20% of lighting sets of floor space within the room of the house.

Building a houseHealth must be built floor area of ​​Beit be sufficient for the population, which means it may not be modified area of ​​the building by the number of passengers. And the building area is not commensurate with the number of occupants lead to crowded. This has a negative impact on the health of passengers, one of the reasons that can cause a decrease in the consumption of O2 and if one family member suffering from infectious diseases, and other family members would be injured easily.

Critical health facilities for homes
It should be a healthy home and some of the key facilities, such as below:* Provide adequate clean water* Disposal of wastewater (from toilets and can shower and other)* Get rid of the waste
Healthy home is a prerequisite for home comfortable and enjoyable. When thinking about plans to build a dream house in the place of thinking, and the foundations of the house, in the form of a house, and thinking of the facility, but the important thing is how to build a healthy home without sacrificing the beauty of art and architecture. If you have a house and are not eligible until the house is now a healthy, please consult with your architect.
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26 October 2011

Edge Programmer

Edge programmer with Color Screen Attitude for Dodge Cummins Diesel trucks.
This is a new feature for you which will bring benefits to users have come. Everything is contained in the Juice with Attitude Color Screen (CS) which has been designed specifically for the standard truck.

Edge Programmer can be used as a comprehensive package of measures which have been installed in the cab of the truck and displays up to eight of the dozens of parameters that are available at a time. As a supporter of the safety features which automatically prevent excessive EGT, engine protection and audible.

It can work on a quarter-mile MPH with a high engine temperature and a warning is sounded to penggunanya.Programmer Edge can connect to the EAS which additional accessories to be his choice. Users can customize the picture or just upload it. As for fuel efficiency tailored to the user.

Will feature:
• adjustable power levels
• Full color, high resolution 2.4-inches screen and control buttons (GC)
• HP 100 and 250 lb torque, and the effect of - Ft
• to improve fuel economy
• drivability improvements
• Increased company productivity
• excellent throttle response
• Install
• Shipping and universal suction cup mount
• The special value of a pod (sold separately) is compatible.
• dim light meter, the environment, such as reduced sensitivity to the attached
• Internet Download
• Increased productivity from the famous on the open deck

Are you interested about it all, please visit the Edge programmer.
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