What is a Primary Survey

The Primary Survey is the initial patient assessment, intended to rapidly and systematically identify and treat any immediately life-threatening problems. It follows the ABC format familiar from other courses, but extends this into more detail. Assessment and treatment proceed simultaneously – as a problem is identified,appropriate action should be taken before moving on ...

What is a Mental Health

Concepts of mental health include subjective well-being, perceived self-efficacy, autonomy, competence, intergenerational dependence and recognition of the ability to realize one’s intellectual and emotional potential. It has also been defined as a state of well-being whereby individuals recognize their abilities, are able to cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, ...

02 January 2012

Burn Fat

Fat mostly caused by high levels of fat in the body. Actually, it has the benefit of its own fat on our bodies. Like, the fat will help you as a backup energy in the form of fat cells. This is necessary when you are fasting or digestive deficiencies. For that fat is needed by the body.
But these fats can interfere with your current activity. So that will make you lazy and hungry easily. Should you cut foods containing high fat. Such as meat, fried foods and so forth. This was necessary so that your body does not absorb fat is high.
To burn fat, you should use a natural way. You can exercise to get a natural way. Regular exercise can help you in burning fat. You should focus sports to obtain good results. For example, your arms are full of fat, then you should focus exercise for the arms.
Actually a lot of activities that do not you know it to burn fat in your body. Such as indoor soccer, running, brisk walking, swimming, hiking, gardening, washing cars, cycling and so forth. These activities will help burn excess fat on your body little by little. It was not immediately be skinny or slim, but if you use modern or slim fast way it will be no side effects.
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