16 January 2010

Big Ass, Big Thighs!!

big is beautiful
For women, having a large body might make you less confident. However, don't be discouraged! Because according a study in the UK, hips, buttocks and thighs were big, useful for heart health. As reported by the BBC, according to team researchers from the British, the fat in the hips contain anti-inflammatory agents (anti-inflammatory natural) that can stop the blockage of arteries. While fat on the butt better than the piles of fat around the waist.
"Fat around the hips and thighs good for someone. But if in the abdomen, to be a bad thing. The more fat around the thighs, the better, as long as your abdomen stays slim, "explained lead researcher Dr. Konstantinos Manolopoulos from Oxford University. The study, written in the International Journal of Obesity reveals that having too little fat in the hips can cause serious metabolic problems such as Cushing's syndrome. This syndrome occurs due to the adrenal glands produce excessive corticosteroid.
Other evidence shows that fat around the thighs and ass is more difficult to lose than fat around the waist. This is actually beneficial, because the more fat burning, the more cytokines are also missing. These cytokines are usually associated with cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and diabetes. Not only that, the slower fat-burning process on hips, then the hormone production becomes more adinopektin. Adinopektin hormones can protect arteries and improve blood sugar control and better fat-burning process. Whereas if the carry excess fat around the abdomen (such as an apple body shape) can increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Fotini Rozakeas from British Heart Foundation, this research reveals may help better understand how of the best distribution of body fat in order to prevent someone from heart disease or diseases related to blood circulation. So, avoid the accumulation of fat in the abdomen with the right diet and is recommended by health experts is the perfect solution!


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