04 January 2010

World Health Crimes

malpractiseIn a health world, comfort and safety for patients is a priority. Health workers are required to provide good service to their patients. Not just for profit with expensive fees charged, and we know that treatment is not cheap. There is a principle that 'health is expensive'. Yes, it's true. But how do we as consumers or patients avoid bad practice commonly known as malpractice? What is clear, the patient must be active. This is also to get of the rights they have when facing a doctor. What can a patient? The advice of dr. Bahar Azwar, Sp.B.Onk. :
  • Do not accept it raw what the doctor said. If something you do not understand, immediately ask. By asking, at least you'll know why doctor tell about your disease.
  • Do not assume your doctor knows all things. If the doctor looked in doubt as to diagnose your illness, immediately ask him!
  • You try to understand the legal and ethical issues governing the rights and obligations of patients and physicians. Materials that you can get from anywhere, like books, magazines, television, and others.
  • Find out all about doctors and treatments offered. Thus, you will not be harmed by a doctor services. Or at least, if they feel disadvantaged, you can demand better service.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for a second opinion, whether it's doctor or traditional healer. If in doubt, switch doctors also allowed as long as you know what you are doing.
Behind the guarantee of medical services offered, there are also bad people who want to achieve maximum profit. By way of creating a virus or disease, then they sell the vaccine at a great price. With the health needs of all people, such activities can provide a significant advantage. We were not able to avoid it. Only for money they do everything, including killing each other, but is not there another way to not create a plague to gain? What do you think about this?


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