22 July 2010

Camaro, the amazing design car

Transformers movie fans interested in the Bumblebee Camaro is now possible to have it. Beginning last August, Chevrolet (Chevy designation for Chevrolet by fans) introduced the Special Edition Transformers Camaro in 2010 at ComicCon, San Diego. It must be recognized, the Camaro has the impression of dynamic design and macho. Incredibly, I really want it. Design new Camaro could join forces with elements of the history of this car full of art and modern fashion. By the moment of the turn of the year, top-class car manufacturer, Chevrolet, again strikes the automotive world with the release of the newest sports car variant. Namely, the Chevrolet Camaro RS 2010. Car subsidiary of General Motors (GM) is expected to become the successor of the exclusive sports car and teasing.

2010 Chevy Camaro RS design is challenging and modern. The designer, Luciano Nakamura, got many reference designs from classic 1967 Camaro. Classic modern touch combined artistically integrated into futuristic and luxurious car.

The combination of modern and classic designs we see on the front end. Chevrolet Camaro RS 2010 has a big front bumper. View it gives the impression "grinned." The rear panel was given an additional four lights combined.

Luxurious feel of a minimalist interior. The black color decorates the surface of the dashboard and seats. Views sides adopted a form of steering device decorated with classic-modern device that displays the transmission system, temperature, and voltmeter. High-performance Camaro engine bearing capacity 2.6 Liter, V8, and equipped with a manual gearbox and gears with six levels of speed. Using manual gearbox bearing the LS3 engine that produces maximum power of 426 HP and maximum torque of 569 Nm.
For the performance, in my opinion is Camaro the king of Street. But if you look at the standard design, very minimalist. Still less if you are lovers of the exterior and interior modifications. You will immediately add the Chevy Camaro Accessories. I too would soon add accessories, especially the grille and body kit. Your Camaro will increasingly look amazing.


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Very amazing design indeed and expansive as well. Must be in next movie of James Bond.

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