26 March 2011

TV Series Update

Criminal Minds S06E19
For the fans should be pleased because Criminal Minds S06E19 will air on Wednesday, March 30, 2011. Yes, Criminal Minds episode will appear with the title “With Friends Like These”. You’re unusual about the episode? Do not worry, because I will share about the synopsis for you. Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 19 summaries: BAU [...] See more

Fringe S03E18
Halo Fringe lovers, meet again with me. I bring excellent news for the fans. What is it? Fringe S03E18 will air on Friday March 25, 2011. Fringe episodes will be back with the title “Bloodline”. Well, I’ll share a bit about the synopsis of the episode. Fringe Season 3 Episode 18 Bloodline summary: Bolivia found [...] see more


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