22 July 2011

Tips to Prevent Cataracts

Cataract is a type of eye damage, the webbed feet and short-sighted lens of the eye. Eye lens becomes cloudy and light can not menembusinya, depending on the level of the few, the entire opacity and blocking the light path. in the progression of age-related cataract patients can lead to the strengthening of the lens, [...]
Have moist skin, smooth, and fast is every woman’s dream. In addition to a good routine maintenance performed every day, like washing the face after activity and before bed, menutrisinya with the use of the cream according to skin type, as well as do a healthy lifestyle have been tried.   Nothing wrong, if our [...]
CORONARY HEART, one of the most feared killer disease worldwide. Some of the facts mentioned, it is the highest cause of death in the United States. Coronary heart disease is the narrowing and blockage of coronary arteries, due to accumulation of fat around the artery wall bottom (endothelium). Long ago, this disease only attacks people [...]
Cervix or womb is the organ most prone to sexual diseases. One of the most dangerous infections from viruses that can cause cervical cancer, HPV (human papillomavirus). One of the most effective method to prevent cervical cancer by early detection using Pap smears and Thin prep routine. How did both tests are done? Which is [...]
This vital organ is one of the vital organs for human life. Particular function in the human respiratory system. Served as a place of exchange of oxygen that humans need and remove carbon dioxide which is the result of the rest of the breathing process that must be removed from the body, so the body’s [...]
Recently Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas CityCenter advise guests with the latest about the possibility of  Legionnaires Disease During Their Stay. The Vegas Review-Journal reported that six cases of bacterial pneumonia spread traced to Las Vegas Hotel has been reported to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.   What [...]
Bask under the sun was not just good for bones but also able to prevent cancer. Bask in the sun in the morning proved especially beneficial for bone health for all ages, infants, children, teenagers up to the parents and Bask Minimize Risk of Breast Cancer. A recent study found, women who sunbathe three hours per [...]


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