25 May 2011

Camelot Season 1 Episode 9

True Blood Season 4 Episode 1

Hi, thanks for visiting TV Series Area. There’s the latest news from True Blood Episodes. Which one has entered a new season. If you are a fan of the tv series, I’m sure you are happy with the news. Yes, True Blood Season 4 Episode 1 which was released HBO will air on Sunday June [...]

Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 6

Doctor Who Episodes will come back! Of course it is a very fascinating tv series. TV series was never included in the Trends that are often sought by public. Now has come the latest episode of it. Maybe between you’re looking for information about the existence of the latest episode. I reckon you’re in the [...]

Camelot Season 1 Episode 9

Hello lovers tv series. I came back with the latest news. For the first time the TV Series Area will impart about Camelot Episodes. Maybe of you have been watching it. But now merilih Starz has new episodes of it. Camelot Season 1 Episode 9 will air on Friday June 3, 2011. Titles in this [...]

NCIS Season 8 Episode 22

NCIS Season 8 Episode 22 will air on Tuesday 8:00 PM on CBS. Titles that will be present at the time was “Baltimore”, which when ex-spouse was found murdered Tony Danny Price and connected to Port-to-port series killer, Tony flashes back to his days as a detective and Baltimore and told the first meeting with [...]

Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 20

Desperate Housewives come back! After the episode aired 19 new episodes will now meet you on Sunday May 1, 2011. Yes, Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 20 will air with the title “I’ll Swallow Poison on Sunday”. Everyone must wait for the presence of this episode, and the forecast will be very fascinating. This episode [...]

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7

Welcome to the TV Series Arena. What are you looking for? Of course, if you came here to find out more about the progress of your favorite tv series. This time new information comes from the Game of Thrones episodes. HBO has released something new for you. Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7, titled [...]


Jim on May 25, 2011 at 8:44 AM said...

You heard about what the television series has to say for its awesome plot. It’s all about the adventures, the boons, and everything in between of the most famous king of all time: King Arthur. In the wake of his father’s death, King Uther Pendragons sudden malaise, chaos wreaks havoc in all of Britain, ready to pounce and annihilate the entire kingdom. Camelot Season 1 Episode 9: The Battle of Bardon Pass

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