27 May 2011

Samsung Google Nexus S i9020

Samsung Google Nexus S i9020, Better Performance but Minimalist Features

Design of Samsung Google Nexus S i9020 similar to Galaxy S. Only section corners Nexus S is more rounded. Fascinatingly, the adjoin face of the Nexus S using a concave glass at the screen that makes it look more ergonomic than the Samsung Galaxy S. That’s Google’s design from Samsung Nexus S i9020. Previously, Google [...]

The Difference of Blackberry 7 with Blackberry 6

RIM communications companies from Canada recently has introduced the newest Operating System for their product Blackberry, and has been used on the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry 9930. Blackberry OS 7 as a substitute of previous operating system version, the BlackBerry OS 6.1. They claim to have packed a number of new innovations that [...]

Specifications of Android Communicator from LG

Did you remember the previous article about Android Smartphone which comes with a clamshell design? or you have not read it? please read again. In previous aritikel reported that the Android smartphone with clamshell design was first introduced by Sharp, the Japanese vendor. Indeed, at present Android Smartphone have standard design or more often called [...]

First Clamshell and Waterproof Android Phone from Sharp

Although the Android phone promote is now crowded with favor the Android platform, but if there’s nothing new note from the design side. Well, besides a general design for Android smartphone with bar, sliding and tablet stylishness, Sharp tried to exploit this deficiency by making a new variant of the android phone. Sharp, Japan’s electronics [...]
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